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Make It A Big Stupit Event

The Big Stupit Ceilidh Band are a four-piece (pipes, guitar, bass and drums) Ceilidh band based in Glasgow. All four of our members are honours graduates in music, both from the prestigious School of Music at Leeds University, and the legendary BA Applied Music course at Strathclyde University.


Our music combines fast and furious folk melodies with a rousing and rambunctious rock edge. This, in addition to our great sense of humour and fun, guarantees an unforgettable Ceilidh experience. All dances are called to ensure that nobody is left out from the Big Stupit action!

All Inclusive Events

We are available for hire for any function or occasion we provide an all inclusive for your event. We also have a penchant for putting on our very own Big Stupit Ceilidhs - which of course are strictly big, stupit and hilariously informal. Make sure to like us on Facebook for us to keep you posted on the next Big Stupit Ceilidh happening near you!

Our Debut Album

In the autumn of 2014, The Big Stupit Ceilidh Band went into the studio at Napier University, Edinburgh and recorded their debut album - "Kilt By Death".


This album is the culmination of four years of writing, arranging and experience in playing Ceilidh music for the modern era. "Kilt by Death" includes all the classic dances like 'The Canadian Barn Dance', 'Strip the Willow' and 'The Dashing White Sergeant' as well as some more obscure, but no less enjoyable dances,  such as "The Sausage Machine" and "The Swedish Masquerade"


"KIlt by Death" is available on iTunes and Spotify now!

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